Bryn Primary School
Ysgol Y Bryn


We believe passionately that every school day matters in a child’s education. This is backed up by plenty of research to show how crucial regular attendance is in ensuring children reach their full potential in our education system and develop into confident, well-rounded adults who are equipped for life.


What is good attendance?

There are 190 school days each year. To ensure a child fully achieves their potential, they should be in school for at least 95% of this time (180 days). If a child is taken out of school for a 2 week holiday in term time then any further absences e.g. through illness will immediately put that child below the 95% threshold.


Can I take my child out of school for a holiday in term time?

Headteachers have the authority to approve up to 10 school days in the course of an academic year for family holidays. This is done on a case by case basis and the decision to approve will be based on the child’s attendance over the last year. If there is a significant cause for concern with a child’s attendance then the request for authorisation may be denied. All requests for term-time absence must be submitted in writing (or email) to the Headteacher.


What do I do if my child is absent from school?

Parents have a responsibility to inform the school if their child is absent and provide a valid reason for the absence. We encourage parents either to ring the school (01554 821124) or contact us by email ( as early as possible ON THE FIRST DAY OF ABSENCE. In line with many other schools, we will shortly be starting a system of text messages to remind parents to contact us if their child is absent.


What about lateness?

The law states that parents are legally required to ensure their children attend school regularly and on time. Persistent lateness is dealt with in much the same way as irregular attendance. Persistent lateness can be every bit as harmful to a child’s education as missing school. We encourage all children to be in school before 8:55am Children who arrive in school after 9am must be accompanied by a responsible adult who is required to sign the Late Book.


How do we deal with persistent absence?

We like to keep parents informed about their child’s attendance so we provide termly reports for every child from Reception Class upwards. We also make contact with parents of children whose attendance is a cause for concern. The purpose of these meetings is to identify the reasons for persistent absence and to identify any support the school or outside agencies can give to ensure the child’s attendance improves. In very rare cases, where their is significant and ongoing concern about a child’s attendance, the school has a legal obligation to refer the matter to the Education Welfare Service.


What can I do as a parent?

As parents, we all want the very best for our children and key to this is a good education. We are proud of what we do for our pupils here at Bryn School. We endeavour to provide educational experiences tailored to a child’s developmental needs and which feed their interests enthusiasm and specific abilities and talents. For this to work, they need to be with us for as much of the journey as possible so we urge that, as parents you:


  • ensure that your child arrives at school on time each day;
  • ensure that your child only misses school for reasons which are unavoidable or justified, such as illness or days of religious observance;
  • always notify the school as soon as possible - preferably on the first morning of any absence;
  • try to avoid booking family holidays during term-time; and
  • talk to the school if you are concerned that your child may be reluctant to go to school.


Our children aren’t children for long. We need to ensure that they make the most of their childhood; to be curious, to thirst for knowledge and new experience, to enjoy and celebrate their progress, to find their place in the world and to ready themselves for a life filled with potential. I hope you feel the same and will support us in our attempts to ensure that your child has the very best start on their lifelong learning journey.

Where can I get advice/support?

If you have an issue with your child's attendance then please don't hesitate to speak to us. If you require additional advice then you can contact the Education Welfare Service:



Further Information regarding school attendance and the law can be accessed here.