Bryn Primary School
Ysgol Y Bryn

School Meals

As from April 2016, the cost of school meals will rise from £2.30 to £2.40 per day and to £12 per week.

Parents are respectfully reminded that meals MUST be paid for in advance and money is to be placed in an envelope clearly marked with your child's/ren's name(s) and class clearly written and indicating the days they are to have dinners.

In the event that arrears do occur and in accordance with Carmarthenshire County Council guidelines, parents will receive two letters from the school meals clerical assistant. Letter one is to inform parents that their child has incurred arrears and will be advised of the amount owing. If an attempt is not made to clear or reduce these arrears a second letter will be sent informing parents that there is still an outstanding balance and they will have seven days to rectify the matter. If after this time there is still no attempt to reduce or clear the arrears then the debt will be sent to the debtors office in Carmarthen. Parents are forewarned that this can seriously affect their credit rating.